Apparently it is normal to ask questions. By answering this short questionnaire, you will enable me to tailor what I write to suit your needs. Your time and comments are greatly appreciated.
Do you currently follow any online bloggers? If so, which are your favourites and what genre of blog are they? e.g lifestyle, fashion, parenting, home etc

If you follow a blog, how often would you expect to see new material?

How often would you be willing to read posts from a blog that you follow?

Use one word to describe what you look for in a good blog.

Are there too many Mummy Bloggers out there?

Specifically relating to Mummy blogs, what topics would you want to read about?

Which type of content captures your attention most in your favourite blogs:

Are men interested in Mummy blogs? If so, why?

If your favourite blogger published a book, would you buy it? And would you prefer an e-book or a paper copy?

Finally, if you bought your favourite blogger's book, what would you expect to find in this book?

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